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Apocalypse (1.0)
Filename: apocalypse_mod._version_1.0..zip

Date Added:
Type / Category:
66.75 MB
Requires Soulstorm, Tyranid Mod
Mods > Full Race

Average User Rating: 8.3
Number of Votes: 7
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Apocalypse (1.0) - File Description  

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

This mod was a lot of fun to test out, and clearly the developer has put a huge amount of work into it. If you are a Soulstorm fan this sure is worth the download!

Quote: The war of the Apocalypse is about to begin. For one entire year, this module has been updated and modified towards perfection. Experience it all by playing a never before seen work of art. Play beyond the 20/20 cap limit if you dare.

Due to a currently unexplainable error, the main download link is not working. For now, this one is:


Please continue to place comments for the developer on this page, since the screenshots and all are for it. We will keep working on the problem and hopefully come up with a solution, then remove this link in the description. Thanks!

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

Apocalypse (1.0) - Screenshots  
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Apocalypse (1.0) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Apocalypse!

Apocalypse (1.0) - Readme  
Readme File:
Modified by: Jared Terwilliger
Finish Date: 4/12/10
Special Thanks to:
Tyranid mod.v. 0.45
Soulstorm Ultimate
Corsix Mod Studio
-The Apocalypse module was designed to make Dawn of War: Soulstorm look epic. The modification, will include...

- Combined material of other modules, balanced armies, improved turret defenses, improved ai, massive battles, a new legendary unit, and new win conditions.

- This unfortunately will be my last and final module that I will make. As you can see, I pretty much modified the readme file as well so people can understand a little bit more about the this.

- Within the readme of the Apocalypse module, I've deleted the updates from previous versions because it was no longer needed.

- Also, two other mods. have been combined into one. Those two mods. are the Tyranid mod. version 0.45 and Soulstorm Ultimate which I created long ago. Most of the Apocalypse mod. was my modification from the great use of "Corsix's Mod Studio."

- I would also like to add that the redame for the Soulstorm Ultimate and the Tyranid mod. are separate.

- Have fun with the last and final module, enjoy.

- Everything changed and will take some getting used to.
- That's the only disclamer, lol!


- There are two ways to install the Apocalypse mod. v. 1.0.
- One way is to open the compressed zipped folder or directory titled "Apocalypse mod. v. 1.0."
- Select all files within the directory.
- Right click on files or directory itself.
- Etract all...
- Destination = Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War- Soulstorm. (DOW: Soulstorm game.)
- If you have a previous modification of the Apocalypse module, replace that with v. 1.0.

- Another way is to right-click on the "Apocalypse mod. v. 1.0." compressed folder.
- Extract all...
- Destination = Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War- Soulstorm. (DOW: Soulstorm game.)
- If you have a previous modification of the Apocalypse module, replace that with v. 1.0.

- Regardless of what way you choose to do, make sure EVERYTHING goes into Dow- Soulstorm.
- To play the Apocalypse mod., start game.
- At main menu, go to Game Manager.
- Select the Apocalypse mod.
- Click Activate.
- That's it.

- The maps are to be placed within a separate location.
- All maps are to be placed within the W40KDatascenariosmp directory.

Other Comments:
- After the game has been activated, you'll notice the character change from Canoness to Brood Lord. Also,
in the upper left corner, you'll notice the description of the game. "Engine... Apocalypse mod. v. 1.0."
- All of your saved games and paint schemes that was created in the DOW- Soulstorm profile are invalid but
can be restored.
- To restore Saved games and paint schemes go to...
Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War- Soulstorm/Profiles.
- Inside the profiles, you can copy and paste paint schemes and saved games from the original Soulstorm
data into to the Apocalypse directory.
- This modification does not require the Tyranid mod., Soulstorm Ultimate, Apocalypse mod. version 0.10,
0.30.1, 0.30.2, 0.40, 0.45, 0.45.5, 0.5, 0.6, 0.65, 0.7.1, 0.7.2, or 0.9.

- Apocalypse Readme.
- Soulstorm Ultimate Readme.
- Tyranid Readme.
- Apocalypse directory.
- Apocalypse module.
- Three awesome screenshots.
- 4 new mp playable maps.

Game Data:
New Unit:
- New unit = Necron Apocalypse Monolith.
- Description:
- The legendary and unstoppable Apocalyptic war fortress.
- Slow, but is able to teleport across the entire battlefield.
- Far more powerful and bigger than the original Restored Monolith.
- Destroys anything in it's path from a great distance.
- Can summon Necron squads and vehicles like the Restored Monolith.
- Statistics:
- Health = 100000.
- Health regeneration at 50.
- Minimum armor = 10.
- Movement speed = 2.
- Weapon damage trippled compared to Restored Monolith.
- Weapon reload time increased compared to Restored Monolith.
- Morale damage increased compared to Restored Monolith.
- Moves slower than the Restored Monolith.
- The largest titan in the game.
- Time to produce = 600 seconds.
- Costs 15000 power.
- Very large size, might be stuck between buildings.
- Requires tier 4 (Apocalypse research).
- Produced at Energy Core.
- Can produce Necron units.
- Can withstand a massive army alone.
- Hero unit.
- Capable of teleportation across the entire battlefield.
- Limit = 1.

- Ai is tougher and are set with a handful of strategies.
- Added Eldar HQ Eldritch Storm ai ability.
- Removed Exorcist special missle ai ability.
- Improved Eldar Harlequin special ability by adding the "Dance of Death."
- Changed ai build strategies and unit strategies.
- Created basic strategies like balanced strategies, offensive strategies and defensive
strategies for all races except Tau and the Tyranids.
- Adjusted AI Control Panel that was given in the Tyranid mod. v. 0.45.
- Added Apocalypse Monolith to Necron build table.
- Added Apocalypse Monolith special ability to Necron ai abilities.

- Restored all unit visual sizes to normal. Changed visual scale from 0.75 to 1.00 by
deleting all modified models.
- All titans except the Restored Monolith and Living Saint are bigger.
- Apocalypse Monolith vis scale at 1.75.
- Necron scarabs and builder scarabs vis scale remains at 0.75.
- Removed flag glitch from the Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle.
- Tyranids however no longer have the sacs as their flag.
- Necron Lord vis scale at 1.10.
- Drop Pod vis scale at 1.10.

- Dark Eldar Soulstorm deals a lot more damage.
- Eldar HQ Nuke ability added. (Eldritch Storm)
- Eldar Nuke deals massive damage to everything.
- Eldar Nuke replaces the Farseer special ability.
- Eldar Nuke can be purchased at tier 2 instead of tier 1.
- Eldar Nuke name changed from Imbue: Eldritch Storm to Super Weapon: Eldritch Storm.
- Eldar Nuke Global regeneration added.
- Eldar Nuke global regeneration at 180 secs.
- Eldar Nuke ability range dramatically increased.
- Eldar Nuke costs 200 req./power.
- After Eldar Nuke has been activated, visible sight radius is created around the targeted area
revealing the fog of war.
- Eldar Warp Spider Haywire Bombs ability range increased.
- Farseer Mind War and Psychic Storm damage dramatically increased.
- Turrets and power generators are smaller and fit anywhere.
- All races except Tau and Tyranids can build unlimited turrets. Dark Eldar Gruesome displays are now
considered as turrets.
- Turret addons are stronger and effective against vehicles and infantry.
- Turret addons are expensive however, which costs 100 req./ 50 power.
- Necron Turrets cost 75 power. Addons = 75 power.
- Eldar turret addon damage slightly decreased.
- Eldar turret reload time decreased.
- Eldar turret reload time bar removed.
- Balanced Eldar Webway Gate ability costs and ability ranges.
- Chaos Bloodthirster health decay removed.
- Chaos Bloodthirster and Sorcerer jump and teleport range increased.
- Chaos obliderator health decreased from 1100 to 1000.
- Chaos Obliderator loadout maximum size increased from 5 to 8.
- Chaos Obliderator loadout minimum size increased from 3 to 4.
- All Dark Eldar structures are built very rapidly.
- Dark Eldar Warp Beasts morale increased from 700 to 1000.
- Dark Eldar Plasma generators cost 100 req. instead of 165.
- Dark Eldar Slave Chambers cost 100 req. instead of 75.
- Dark Eldar can build infinite slave chambers.
- Dark Eldar Scourgers can have 5 lances instead of 4.
- Dark Eldar HQ health increased from 4800 to 6000.
- Dark Eldar Raider, Ravager and the Dais of Destruction weapon armor piercing and damage increased.
- Dark Eldar Slave Chamber's Gruesome Display ability does triple the damage amount to all enemies.
- Dark Eldar Slave Chamber's Gruesome Display ability does triple the morale damage amount to all enemies.
- Gruesome Display addon production time increased from 30 secs. to 45 secs.
- Gruesome display recharge time decreased from 90 secs. to 30 secs.
- Dais of Destruction Weapon Damage and health increased.
- Most Dark Eldar infantry units have increased health and armor.
- Most Dark Eldar weapons range and effectiveness increased.
- All Dark Eldar melee damage increased.
- Most Dark Eldar infantry units loadout size increased.
- Mandrakes are produced faster and at the cost of 135 req. instead of 150.
- Raider vehicle cap decreased from 3 to 2.
- All Titans that have a support or vehicle cap no longer require a support or vehicle cap.
- All Titans now have a hero icon except the Restored Monolith.
- Most races have a builder unit limit of 10 instead of 4.
- Dark Eldar and Chaos builder unit limit = 12.
- Imperial Gaurd builder limit = 8.
- All buildings except maybe power generators and turrets, project a control area around them allowing
nearby buildings to be built.
- All HQ's add a 40m radius around the HQ.
- All HQ's have a sight radius of 38m.
- All Strategic Points adds a 25m radius.
- All bigger generators that require a slag depot adds a 30m radius.
- All other buildings are unique, projecting certain control radius's around them.
- Seer Council hero icon removed.
- Warrior Brood hero icon removed.
- All units besides Titans and commanders limit removed.
- Space Marine Skull Probe limit increased from 4 to 8.
- Space Marine Apothecary limit increased from 4 to 8.
- Orks Bad Dok limit increased from 4 to 8.
- Imperial Guard Commissar, Psyker and Priest limit removed, support cap = 1.
- Tau Kroot Shaper leader limit removed, support cap = 1.
- Space Marine Land Speeder limit removed.
- Space Marine Land Speeder health slightly decreased.
- Necron Wraith support cap changed from 2 to 1.
- Harlequin health and armor increased.
- Archon and Command Squad support cap removed.
- Eldar Warp Generators cost 135 req. instead of 165.
- Eldar Webway Gates hold up to 20 squads instead of 10.
- Eldar Webway Gate Shroud ability covers the whole map instead of a 20m radius.
- Eldar Avatar of Khaine health regeneration added.
- Eldar Avatar of Khaine armor slightly increased.
- Most Eldar units health and armor increased.
- Warp Spiders, Fire Dragons and Dark Reapers max loadout increased.
- Warp Spiders, Fire Dragons and Dark Reapers, Rangers weapon ranges increased.
- Warp Spiders weapon piercing versus vehicles slightly increased.
- Fire Dragons weapon piercing versus infantry slightly increased.
- Rangers weapon piercing versus all except vehicles increased.
- Ranger weapon accuracy always hits the target.
- Fire Prisms accuracy always hits the target.
- Nightwing weapon damage increased especially against air units.
- Wraithlord armor piercing melee weapon increased.
- Wraithlord flamer morale damage increased tremendously.
- Wraithlord health and armor increased.
- Wraithlords are now produced at 150 req./ 275 power.
- Wraithlord vehicle cap increased from 3 to 4.
- Wraithlord addon cost increased from 50 req. to 75 req./ 25 power.
- Wraithlord movement speed decreased from 20 to 15.
- All Eldar infantry melee damage increased.
- Eldar Guardian Squads cost 25 req. instead of 30.
- Guardian Squads are produced at 110 req. instead of 130.
- All Eldar units except Guardian Squads and Howling Banshees can reinforce to two squad leaders.
- Dark Reapers reinforce cost decreased from 70 req. to 60.
- Dark Reaper min. loadout increased from 3 to 4.
- Ranger squad min. loadout decreased from 5 to 4.
- Eldar Farseer costs 220 req./50 power.
- Eldar Bonesingers cost 50 req. instead of 45.
- Bonesingers teleport anywhere now, but at a slow recharge rate.
- Fire Dragons, Seer Council, Warp Spider garrison loadout decreased from 2 to 1.
- Space Marine Predator Tanks vehicle cap decreased from 5 to 4.
- Space Marine Predator Tanks weapon damage and health decreased.
- Chaos and Space Marine Predators fire their main cannons like real life, impacting other targets around
their target and does not fire every second.
- Decreased main cannon weapon damage for Chaos and Space Marine Predator Tanks.
- Decreased main cannon weapon armor piercing for Chaos and Space Marine Predator Tanks.
- Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tank sight range decreased from 50m to 30m.
- Imperial Guard Leman Russ main cannon has the same effects applied most similar to the Predator Tanks.
- Imperial Guard Leman Russ main cannon damage and range decreased.
- Imperial Guard Leman Russ main cannon armor piercing highly increased.
- Necron Energy Core produces the Apocalypse research and the Apocalypse Monolith.
- Necron Forbidden Archive research changed from 3 to 4.
- Necron HQ cost reduced from 225 power to 200 power.
- Necron Warriors, Flayed Ones and Immortals move very slowly like they're supposed to, but their armor and health increased.
- Immortals max loadout changed from 5 to 8.
- Immortals are now effective slightly versus infantry.
- Lord Destroyers are tougher and worth getting now.
- Lord Destroyer health, weapon damage and regeneration tremendously increased.
- Lord Destroyer armor at minimum increased.
- Lord Destroyer ability range increased.
- Lord Destroyer vehicle cap increased from 3 to 5.
- Necrons can produce 5 Restored Monoliths instead of 1.
- Sisters Living Saint health increased from 6000 to 8000.
- Space Marines Orbital Relay Node holds 10 squads instead of 3.
- Space Marines Orbital Relay Node limit increased from 1 to 2.
- Orbital Relay build time increased from approximately 30 secs. to 120 secs.
- Land Raider transport slots increased from one to three.
- Servitor req. cost changed from 75 to 50.
- Tau can build both Mont' Ka commandpost and Kauyon Commandpost.
- Tau Ethereal weapon damage, health and armor increased.
- Ethereal req./power cost increased.
- Ethereal time cost increased from 40 secs. to 50 secs.
- Necrons at start starts with a builder scarab and Necron Monolith only. No Tomb Spyders, Necron Lord dead on the ground interfering with buildings.
- Tyranids that start with standard resources start with 800 req. instead of 1100.
- Chaos max weapons research increased from 2 to 5.
- All Chaos squads start with a maximum of 5 upgradable weapon choices instead of 4.
- Necron C'Tan Research is the Apocalypse research now.
- Apocalypse research allows the Apocalypse Monolith to be spawned.
- Apocalypse research costs 2000 power instead of 750.
- Apocalypse research time increased from 30 secs. to 180 secs.
- Changed Tyranid Spore Chimney build position changed to slot 3.
- Changed Tyranid Warrior Hive that used to be located at build slot 3, then moved to build slot 7.
- Chaos and Space Marine Rhino Transports limit changed from 3 to 10.
- Tau, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard transport cap limit removed.
- Ork Trukk vehicle cap decreased from 3 to 2.
- Chaos Sorcerer teleportation range increased.
- Bloodthirster jump distance increased.
- Dais od Destruction health changed from 7000 to 10000.
- Dais minimum armor increased by 10.
- Necron Deceiver weapon damage increased.
- Necron Deceiver illusion monolith special ability removed.
- Hammerhead Gunship vehicle cap increased from 3 to 4.
- All Tier costs for all races are increased.
- Changed how fast or how slow all ai players generate resources. Normal resource rates = 1.0.
- Easy AI Now = 0.1, Then = 0.3.
- Standard AI Now = 0.8, Then = 0.8.
- Hard AI Now = 1.0, Then = 0.9.
- Harder AI Now = 1.25, Then = 1.0.
- Insane AI Now = 1.50, Then = 1.25.
- When set to low resource rates within the game rules, resources are gathered by 0.5% instead of 0.6%.
- Added new win conditions.
- New Win Conditions are...
AI Donations,
AI Highspeed,
AI SCAR Support,
Massive Battles,
Titan Wars.
- Fixed some bugs with some of the win conditions.

New Maps:
- Epsilon Base (8).
- River Basin (7).
- Abandoned City (8).
- Verdant Isles (8).

- Zoom in closer.
- Zoom out farther.
- View the entire battlefield at a great distance.

That's it!!!
Thank you for downloading the Apocalypse mod. v. 1.0.

Apocalypse (1.0) - User Comments  
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 Expand#2 - Posted by: zimmer_550 (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 10:37

 Expand#3 - Posted by: Zevs1972 (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 10:47

 Expand#4 - Posted by: zimmer_550 (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 10:57

 Expand#5 - Help is on the way.... (I hope!) - Posted by: redeemed74 (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 12:41

 Expand#6 - Posted by: maxbun (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 12:55

 Expand#7 - Posted by: zimmer_550 (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 13:38

 Expand#8 - Hello - Posted by: Krronus (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 18:26

 Expand#9 - Posted by: bloodravage (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 19:17

 Expand#10 - The Correct URL sight - Posted by: Krronus (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 21:14

 Expand#11 - Correct URL Sight - Posted by: Krronus (Member) - 06-17-2010 at 21:34

 Expand#12 - Posted by: redeemed74 (Member) - 06-18-2010 at 02:55

 Expand#13 - Problem Unresolved - Posted by: Krronus (Member) - 06-18-2010 at 06:52

 Expand#14 - Nevermind last Comment. Resolved at last! - Posted by: Krronus (Member) - 06-18-2010 at 07:02

 Expand#15 - Posted by: zimmer_550 (Member) - 06-18-2010 at 07:41

 Expand#16 - Posted by: Krronus (Member) - 06-18-2010 at 09:45

 Expand#17 - The Time of a New Apocalypse is about to begin! - Posted by: Krronus (Member) - 06-18-2010 at 11:14

 Expand#18 - Updated File - Posted by: redeemed74 (Member) - 06-18-2010 at 13:46

 Expand#19 - Latest Post by Krronus - Posted by: Krronus (Member) - 07-27-2010 at 21:50

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