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Heroes DoW RPG (v2)
Filename: heroes.dow.rpg.v2.zip

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Average User Rating: 8.6
Number of Votes: 37
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Heroes DoW RPG (v2) - File Description  

Heroes Dawn of War Role-Playing Game system takes you through the battle closer to your army than ever before. Squads will now gain battle experience and improve their skills and performance. By the end of the battle, some of your troops may be legends. This is Dawn of War to the Nth degree.

Combine this with a collection of tweaks that turn Dawn of War into an action-packed, fast-paced game of deadly warfare. All the old options are still there for you old-school types who love the details, but the details are taken care of automatically for you big-picture types.

This mod is fully compatible with all other mods. No gamefiles are replaced, no customization needed, and it can be turned on/off without needing to restart DoW. All Relic Dawn of War races are supported, plus the Steel Legion race.

Heroes DoW RPG (v2) - Screenshots  
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Heroes DoW RPG (v2) - File Download Options  

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Heroes DoW RPG (v2) - Readme  
Readme File:
HEROES: Dawn of War Roleplaying
by CutterShane
version 2.0


To keep the action focused on the action, Heroes features the following tactical elements:

Insane Abilities
Abilities trigger themselves automatically (and you can still trigger them manually), recharge faster, and reach further. Spend less time throwing grenades and more time commanding your army.

Variable Visibility
Your squads' vision range will change depending on their altitude. Squads that are higher up can see further. Take the higher ground and gain the advantage. Try playing Abbot's Hill and see the entire map from the top.

Increased Range
Now that your troops can see further, they need to be able to shoot further. The maximum range of ALL WEAPONS has been increased, giving you more flexible engagement options. The weapon range of defensive buildings has also been increased, making for some interesting assault scenarios.

Artillery Targeting
An efficient targeting system for your artillery will help to guarantee that they never just sit there when targets are available. They'll hit the back ranks first to avoid shooting your own troops.

Morale Broken troops will flee the battle and return to the nearest building or suitable vehicle. Once there, they will go inside if possible. Squads in Heavy Cover are less likely to flee.

Automatic Reinforcement
Squads have overwatch enabled when they are not in battle, and disabled when they are in battle. Your squads will always get reinforced to their max capacity. You can pause overwatch, and still manually build reinforcements and upgrades.

Faster Build Times
Building, production, research, and repair take less time. That's less time building and more time fighting.

Faster Capture
Squads capture Strategic Points more quickly, so the game tempo isn't bogged down.

AI Support
Whatever Artificial Intelligence package you run, it will automatically take advantage of the stat increases enjoyed by high-level characters. Watch in horror as you get spanked by a gang of Eldar moving faster than you can see.

No Lag
This mod takes as much processing power to run a two-player game as an eight-player game. Processing time is shared equally amongst all players. If your game is lagging with more players, try turning down your detail settings.

Tier Balancing
NOTE: This option is disable by default. I now prefer to do tier balancing with other mods like DowXP and DoWPro. The option has been left in for those who would like a simple, mathematical balancing system.
The maximum health of squads is adjusted to allow low-tier squads to remain competetive with high-tier squads throughout the game. The higher tiers are much tougher, of course, but no longer stupidly so.


When you run Dawn of War and start a skirmish, you will now have a new Game Rule in the Game Options, after you pick your map. Check to enable.


Understanding how the leveling system works may help you to take best advantage of it.

Squads gain "experience" by being attacked. The only way for a squad to improve in Heroes is to come under attack. Heroes tracks how much time each squad is thus engaged and awards levels based on that time.

The more levels a squad gains, the more powerful it becomes. Heroes assumes that level 10 is peak potency, though higher levels are possible. An increase in level is accompanied by a visual effect on the squad (you will learn to recognize it). The first five levels are general performance improvement levels and shouldn't impact the game to a great extent. The next five or more levels, however, are kung-fu levels. The buffs continue to an unprecedented extent and the visual effects begin to kick in.

A squad can only level up when it is not in battle for a certain "training" period. The amount of time required to train increases at higher levels.

The experience possessed by a squad is shared by all the members of the squad. When you reinforce, you are adding inexperienced troops and eroding the experience base.

The following buffs will apply to squads in different measure: ability duration, ability range, ability recharge, acceleration, accuracy moving reduction, armour minimum, armour maximum, capture rate, construction speed, health maximum, health regeneration, infiltration detection distance, maximum speed, melee charge range, melee damage received, morale damage taken, morale maximum, morale regeneration rate, ranged damage received, repair rate, rotation speed, sight radius, weapon accuracy, weapon armour piercing, weapon maximum damage, weapon maximum range, weapon minimum damage, weapon reload time, weapon setup time.

Visual Range
Heroes adjusts the visual range for each squad. How far a squad can see is proportionate to his altitude relative to the average altitude of all player structures on the map. Squads above average altitude can see far. Squads below average altitude have their vision range reduced.


Here are a few basic pointers that may help you make the most of Heroes.

Three Dimensions
Unlock the camera, zoom out, and start thinking in three dimensions. Battles now take place at longer ranges, and positioning your squads intelligently will be more effective than mobbing.

Stay Aggressive
An entirely green force will not fare well against battle-proven warriors. Give your squads opportunities to gain experience and level up, that they may remain competetive once hostilities commence in earnest.

Fall Back
When your squads are starting to get tarred, pull them back. This will give them an opportunity to heal, reinforce, and level up. Don't always rely on automatic Fallback from a morale break, especially for high level squads with morale buffs who would prefer to fight to the death.

Attack in Waves
Don't throw all your troops into a single wave attack. Attack with green troops first to soften the enemy, then pull them back and follow up with more experienced troops. Have long-range troops in support positions. Reserve your most valuable troops for mop-up and critical missions.

Use Transport
Vehicles can get troops to the battle quickly, and serve as a rally point if morale breaks. They can also provide their own force multipliers. With increased visual and weapon ranges, rapid reaction becomes a valuable tactic.

Spot Your Heroes' Strengths
There is no in-game display of what abilities your squads have buffed. Watch your squads closely and try to identify their strengths as they progress, then use those strengths to your best advantage. Think of the list of possible Buffs, and remember that every squad will have an specific affinity for each Buff in a unique combination. You can distinguish your most powerful squads by their unique visual effects.

Play Old Maps
Go back and play some of your old favorites. The kind of thinking you'll need now to win victory is very different than what you did before.

Think Tactically
Though the game is still entirely based on Relic's RTS engine, much of the work and headache associated with managing resources has been ameliorated. Squads and weapons have been made more effective, and more deadly, requiring the player to react quickly to the changing tactical situation. Classic tactical elements like terrain advantage, focused attack, scouting, support, and rapid deployment are now very important parts of the game. Use your tactical skills instead of your RTS skills and you shall flourish.


You can customize the behavior of Heroes by changing variables in the mod file. This file can be found in your Dawn of War install directory under WXP/data/scar/winconditions/Heroes.scar

Near the beginning of the file is a list of variables that can be changed. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE IN THE FILE.

Remember to change these variables by small degrees. Many changes have a feedback effect, that tends to magnify the result.

If there is a game element that is not to your liking, you can generally turn it off with one of the switches (hero_switch_*). Change the value from "true" to "false" ... that's it!

CONTACT: cuttershane@yahoo.com

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