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Third Time Lucky Map Pack
Filename: thirdtimelucky.zip

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Average User Rating: 8.5
Number of Votes: 36
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Third Time Lucky Map Pack - File Description  

The third map pack brought to you by my map pack team. Includes a total of 13 maps, over double the amount there were in the previous map packs.

For Booster Pack #1, go here.
For the decal fix pack, go here.


- jack051093

Third Time Lucky Map Pack - Screenshots  
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Third Time Lucky Map Pack - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Third Time Lucky Map Pack!

Third Time Lucky Map Pack - Readme  
Readme File:

(1) Extract the 'thirdtimelucky' folder.
(2) Copy the folder 'DXP2' into your Dawn of War - Dark Crusade directory.
(3) If you get a message about overwriting files, click 'yes'.
(4) Have fun!

All maps have:

- A minimap
- A loading screen
- An icon
(All mostly made by jack051093).


Map 1 - Blood Lust by jack051093

I have created an interesting 7-player map to keep you all occupied, with each army having a player's start position on the map. Basically, player 1 is Space Marines, 2 is Eldar, 3 is Necrons, and so on. This map is designed for free for all, and each player has an even amount of map. And what's more, there are 7 small islands in the map, each with their own teleporter, near each player's base. Each island has 1 slag deposit, 1 relic, and 3 strategic points.

Map 2 - Beach Capture by jack051093

A reasonable sized map for 2 players, in which there are two ways to the enemies' base. Two relics lie near the centre, so control that area, and you control the game.

Map 3 - Sacred Words by jack051093

Another of my 'messing around' maps really, with the letters 'DAWNOFWAR' sticking out of the ground, but made quite a good map, so here it is. Oh yeah, BTW, it's 2 players.

Map 4 - Escaping War by jack051093

Yet another 'messing around' map, which I love. For 4 players, it is basically a HUGE maze (512x1024) in which you must navigate and defend carefully if you wish to overcome the on-coming enemies. Best played as 2v2.

Map 5 - Quarry by Det9494/Ridgy

This is a 6 player map, I recommend playing with 3 teams, which makes everything more interesting (I recommend the following, fixed positions,Team 1=1+2; Team 2=3+4; Team 3=5+6). Each player/team has an easily defended base, with a bit of cover and reasonable strategic placement, I also recommend using low/standard resource flow because in the centre of the map there is a supply center which contains 4 strategic points, 1 relic and 4 slag deposits, the depot is also provided with heavy cover, however vehicles cannot penitrate into the depot. There are many trees scattered around the map; they provide light cover, all in all this makes for an interesting game.

This is mine, as long as you don't republish it, I'm happy. Contact me at joelewis@wanadoo.fr

Map 6 - The Four Islands by OneLeggedHorse

Need to settle a personal duel? Then come to the four islands! A 1v1 battle on four islands.

Map 7 - Soggy Trench by OneLeggedHorse

Long ago this powerful ancient mining citywas a invaluable source to the great sabbat crusades. When a chaos lord escaped defeat and fled to this city, he tainted the minds of those who garrisoned the city of Verghast, population 60 million. When each man, woman and child was turned, the great chaos lord built a mighty fort behind the verghast river where he worshipped the chaos gods and sacrificed every citizen.

Map 8 - Hagia by OneLeggedHorse

Colonel - Commissar Gaunt and his Honor Gaurd continued on through the mountain pass of Hagia when Chaos troops ambushed his convoy. They chaos scum must not come victorious, fight the ambushers and continue onto the Great Shrinehold of Saint Sabbat!

Map 9 - Meadow by OneLeggedHorse

3VS1 AI WAR. As a Tau Recon Group set up a field base and prepare to scout out the crumbling city of City14, Chaos cultists pour out in their thousands and the forces are trapped in a vicous hand to hand fighting on the bridge..., in the Meadow,.......

Map 10 - The Raltara Jungle by Eta999/Ferox

Players: 3
Size: 256 x 256
1 x Relic , 2 x Critical Location , 9 x Strategic Point.

The 7th Fighting Grenadiers led By General McGabbot have landed in the murky Raltara Jungle on Kajiin III. Their goal: to totally control Kajiin III, fortify it's defences and to uncover lost secrets on this lost world. However, it might not be so easy as it seems, for something else seeks to control this world...

Many different areas with secrets and stories.
Different areas and surroundings mean good replay value, because you can play it again but with different starting positions.
Different strategies, different races, different possiblities. Will you race to the relic or fight for the hill? Will you attack McGabbot's base or set up a strong perimiter with the natural defensive positions?

I have used custom decals, but, as always, the special Mappaz League decal pack is included, so no worries.

I, Eta999, have made this map, and you can not reproduce or republish this alone or in a pack without my expicit permission. I spent a hellova lot of time on this.

ferox DOT eta999 AT googlemail.com

Map 11 - Chemical Warfare by Det9494/Ridgy and Refineus

This is a 5 player map, each player/team has an easily defended base, with a bit of cover and reasonable strategic placement, I also recommend taking advantage of the heavy cover on the hillside, accessible from most locations. All in all, this makes for an interesting game.

This is mine, as long as you don't republish it, I'm happy. Contact me at joelewis@wanadoo.fr

Map 12 - Garden Valley by jack051093

A 4 player map, which took a very long time to make, and includes some custom decals (the steps - I think they turned out quite well). Best for 2v2. There are 2 ways to the enemy's base, on two sets of stairs.

Map 13 - Necron Temple by OneLeggedHorse

During an imperial scout routine, scout group 2K lost vox links at 0160hours when they enterd a cave. Further recon reveals that they scouts from 2k were found caked in blood and dust, 20000feet under the earth. Your objective is to set up a field base and scout out the Necron Cave.

Trailers included. Made by OneLeggedHorse.

Third Time Lucky Map Pack - User Comments  
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