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  Redemption of Krieg Mod news + update. - Mods
  Posted by: saoreire on 12-28-2006 @ 10:55 - Source: ssolrac
This News Item has been viewed 18,977 times
Loads ( & I mean LOADS) of new news from "The Redemption of Kreig" mod (formerly known as the Death Corps of Kreig Mod, I presume). Theres a LOT of writing & pics in this. But dont worry, its WELL worth the read:

As you may have heard from many of our sources (Relic Forums, Filefront, ModDB, etc.) the mod is now called The Redemption of Krieg. Its called this because we will include a campaign and the campaign will be focused around how they redeemed themselves. During the campaign the player will follow the 51st Regiment of the Death Korps of Krieg, also known as "The Hammers of Kreig" as they fight on Krieg. They specialise in siege warfare. They will normally be accompanied by the 2nd Krieg Panzer Regiment.

Also, the mod will include many extras and surprises so keep an eye out when playing. Along with the release of the Public BETA (hopefully the end of January) we plan to include a map pack you can download on the side which will contain maps created with the Krieg-ish battlefield in mind.

We've made quite good progress so far and our mod team is quite large, but we still need an animator. All I ask is that you can animate infantry, I dont care if you're good or not since we really want models ingame for the BETA. If you think you can help in some way (no BETA Testers) sign up at the forums or send me an email at inquisitor_ssolrac@yahoo.com

Here are the forums: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Adeptus_Aviatus/index.php?act=idx

Now I leave you again with the screenshots

& theres more! Heres an update:

We are now called Redemption of Krieg now for a more creative name. If you've visited the forums (or why not?!) you may have heard that we are going to include a campaign for the mod. It will be based around the time the Death Korps redeemed Krieg from heresy. Right now our main "Race" we will follow is the 51st Regiment of Krieg, which will ocassionally be supported by the Krieg 2nd Panzer Division. Here's more info on them:

Regiment: 51st Regiment of Krieg
Creation Year: 445.M40 (40445)
Regimental Commander: Andreas Mandorf
Colonel: Andreas Mandorf
Liuetenant: Lukas Wilhelm
Nickname: Hammers of Krieg (open for suggestions)
Description: Specialises in siege warfare more than any other regiment. Known to use excessive artillery.

Division: Krieg 2nd Panzer Division
Creation Year: 445.M40 (40445)
Commander: Maximillian Braun
Colonel: Maximillian Braun
Nickname: (open for suggesstions)
Description: Often assists the 51st Krieg Regiment in sieges where heavier weapons are required. Can field Stormswords when necessary.

Also we will include many extras and suprises so keep your eyes open as you play the game. On the day we release the mod to the public with textures and all (hopefully by the end of February) we will include a map pack focused around the type of battlefields Death Korps would fight over.

Right now the mod team consists of:

Me (Modeller, Team Leader, News)

Death_Korp_Of_KRIEG (Fluff Person)

PWNcraker (Campaign Fluff Person)

horus (UI Creator)

Hawk (Texture Artist)

Mankyle (Coder)

sunray (BETA Tester)
Sgt.Peper (BETA Tester)
Asha-D (BETA Tester)
The Mr Z (BETA Tester)
Shrike2214 (BETA Tester)
The Fallen (BETA Tester)

As you can see we need no more BETA Testers. Right now what i really, really want is an animator. I dont care if you're good or not I just want you to be able to animate infantry. If you have another job you can offer sign up here at our forums: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Adeptus_Aviatus/index.php?act=idx
It would be nice if you came by and dropped off some ideas or something you want included with the mod.

Once again I leave you with more models.

I hope that isnt too much models...

Well if youre readin this you've gotten through the above. Congratulations! You've earned yourself a pat on the back.

Good luck guys!


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          Previous News Post 12-27-2006 @ 22:20 - Only War mod for Dark Crusade coming soon

Average User Rating: 8.4
Number of Votes: 29
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User Comments  
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Total comments: 30 | Last comment: 01-17-2007 at 17:02

 #1 - 12-28-2006 at 11:00
From: (Kent)
Joined: May 15th, 2006
Posts: 293
Looking sexy guys!

 #2 - 12-28-2006 at 11:04
Joined: February 2nd, 2006
Posts: 17
The Grenadiers are looking AWESOME!(They are Grenadiers.. .right?). I just LOVE the Death Korps of Krieg. Can't wait for this to be released!

 #3 - 12-28-2006 at 11:13
From: (Slobozia)
Joined: March 6th, 2006
Posts: 244
Brings tears and joy into my little black heart!

 #4 - 12-28-2006 at 11:18
Joined: May 4th, 2006
Posts: 1182
Jaysus thats alot of pics! Keep up the good work guys!

 #5 - 12-28-2006 at 11:18
From: (Lincolnshire)
Joined: June 27th, 2006
Posts: 39
looking great, reminds me of steel legion ;(

 #6 - 12-28-2006 at 12:06
Joined: March 3rd, 2005
Posts: 275
the only similarity to steel legion and death korp of krieg are the gasmasks. i'm glad to see some of the recent forgeworld models used in this mod.

 #7 - 12-28-2006 at 12:11
From: (london)
Joined: September 5th, 2006
Posts: 45
like it.
i would like to hepl this mod but I am of no value because I have no mod tools or anything, and you already have a guy for fluff. gl

 #8 - 12-28-2006 at 12:13
Joined: May 14th, 2006
Posts: 10
this looks kl, those new krieg models from forge world are pretty good-bt im not sure if they're almost too 1st world war for my liking...you know they dont seem particularly 41st millenium-ish! still looking forward to this mod tho!

 #9 - hmm - 12-28-2006 at 12:24
From: (Derby)
Joined: July 19th, 2006
Posts: 178
i like krieg n stuff, but i dont like the fact that they look german and why panzer?
when you are using leman russ models, but its all good non the lesssmile

 #10 - 12-28-2006 at 12:53
From: (Peterborough)
Joined: March 20th, 2006
Posts: 185
why are the pics all here 2 times with a few more added in the 2nd time?confused

looks good though this is going to be a definate dl when its readyTwo Thumbs Up!

 #11 - i have the mod tools - 12-28-2006 at 13:19
From: (uclulet)
Joined: September 7th, 2006
Posts: 15
lol i have the mod tools and the animator tools but the only ,models i can see in em are the scouts and space marines and preditor but i see theses units did u draw em or if not how did u get em like that eh ?

 #12 - Woot - 12-28-2006 at 13:31
From: (East Sussex)
Joined: October 29th, 2006
Posts: 107
looks great espically with some forge world stuff and the new super heavy gorgon transporter! Looks amazing!Rock

 #13 - 12-28-2006 at 13:54
From: (Memphis, Tennessee)
Joined: March 20th, 2006
Posts: 40
This sounds great and all...but WHY is the Regiment being used as a larger unit than the DIVISION? Do people not realize a division is made of two or more regiments? I mean come on. This is a game focused on military activity. And seeing as the unit structure in the IG is just about the same as the militaries of the first world nations of today, it should be more accurate. I think it will be a fine mod and all, but I think there should be more conscientious objection to make it all the better.

 #14 - 12-28-2006 at 14:29
Joined: June 29th, 2006
Posts: 193
Excellent work so far, gentlemen Two Thumbs Up!

 #15 - 12-28-2006 at 17:13
Joined: December 28th, 2006
Posts: 4
Yep this mod is going good and strong. Great community aswell . please come and join the forums and suggest ideas hey they might be used.

 #16 - 12-28-2006 at 18:58
From: (Nutley NJ)
Joined: February 1st, 2006
Posts: 252
well this is quite a mod

 #17 - 12-28-2006 at 20:05
From: (Mora NM)
Joined: March 12th, 2006
Posts: 93
There are two sets of pictures since I sent two news posts a day in between each other and each had different info but the same pictures. Thanks for all the nice comments, good to hear that there are no serious problems with anyone.

 #18 - 12-28-2006 at 20:48
From: (haddonfield)
Joined: June 6th, 2005
Posts: 1041


Good job on the new forgeworld models ^^

 #19 - 12-28-2006 at 22:58
From: (Yamaguchi Prefecture)
Joined: April 10th, 2006
Posts: 252
lookin good guys.

 #20 - 12-29-2006 at 12:26
Joined: February 17th, 2006
Posts: 226
Nice! Keep it up.

 #21 - 12-29-2006 at 21:14
Joined: January 20th, 2006
Posts: 282

"i hope that isnt to much models"


 #22 - yes - 12-30-2006 at 01:17
From: (Auckland)
Joined: August 4th, 2006
Posts: 144
im Death_Korp_Of_KRIEG and this mod is good just to tell you these are wip's ok.
also WE need a animator if you can or know anyone please go ahead and join dont be shy... btw these were made weeks ago... lolbig grin

 #23 - oh nice - 12-30-2006 at 21:45
From: (San Antonio Area)
Joined: October 11th, 2006
Posts: 48
very germanic. i like germanic.

 #24 - 01-03-2007 at 07:34
From: (Portsmouth)
Joined: September 4th, 2005
Posts: 53
loving this mod, honestly can't waitTwo Thumbs Up!

 #25 - 01-03-2007 at 08:04
Joined: May 10th, 2006
Posts: 110
Very nice but will the Gorgon Transporter be able to carry 50 troops like the TT?

 #26 - 01-05-2007 at 13:16
From: (florida)
Joined: December 11th, 2006
Posts: 28
i am german and i love death corps of krieg gl with it guys

 #27 - 01-13-2007 at 09:39
From: (Mora NM)
Joined: March 12th, 2006
Posts: 93
"Very nice but will the Gorgon Transporter be able to carry 50 troops like the TT?"

Yes, yes it will. I want everything in this mod to closely resemble its TT counterpart.

 #28 - 01-15-2007 at 15:44
Joined: January 14th, 2007
Posts: 24
This is lookin' to be one great mod, keep at it! big grin

 #29 - Looks good - 01-16-2007 at 23:28
From: (Temple Texas)
Joined: September 6th, 2006
Posts: 2
This thing looks good, I hope it's Avalible for Dark Crusade

 #30 - 01-17-2007 at 17:02
Joined: December 3rd, 2004
Posts: 93
Awesome. Love the Death Korps! Best luck for completing this mod.

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