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  Tabletop Round-up mod - Article 4 - Mod News
  Posted by: sergent_killa on 10-14-2007 @ 10:25 - Source: Tabletop Round-up modification
This News Item has been viewed 38,626 times
WOOT! News from the TTRU mod, long time since we heard from them. This will be their last article, as they're gearing up for the release!!

Good day. Here is another article for fans of the Tabletop Round-up Modification. This will (probably) be the last properly informative article on the mod. The next article will be on miscellaneous info I haven't yet covered & anything else I think needs mentioning (such as online gameplay).
In terms of a release, I'm just killing bugs & finishing off balance at the moment. Just maybe another week until the installer is ready & then my remaining testers will check it for severe bugs.

Here we go:


Unit redundancy:

This is generally hard to avoid in most games, unless everything has a different role. However, being a mod closely-based around the tabletop game this is somewhat difficult to completely remove unit redundancy. As of such, units that are superior to their 'lesser versions' cost a lot more, & take longer to build.
A good example is with Tau Fire warriors & stealth suit teams. Stealth suit teams are superior to fire warriors in almost every way apart from weapon range. However, they are not only a higher-tier unit with more requirements & constraints, but they are also more than twice the cost of fire warriors (per member), & are more time-consuming to produce, making them somewhat hard-hitting to the player's economy assuming that the Stealth teams are built.
A more classic example however is comparing Space Marine squads with Terminators. Terminators, whilst almost twice as hard to kill (in most cases) as marines, are over 3 times the price & take a hell of a long time to build. Their ranged weaponry are hardly better than their Space marine cousins, mainly superior to space marines in their melee power & different weapon upgrades.
2 main exceptions to this are Eldar guardians (both types) & Chaos cultists, both of which are almost completely useless in tabletop anyways, & as of such are intended to be made redundant, only really being used as cheap capping units.


Whilst the infiltration & detection system remains largely unchanged from traditional Dark Crusade, there are a small number of minor differences.

Chaos marines which infiltrate will increase the keen sight radius for anything they fire at. As of such, this is the only unit that cannot infiltrate & fire (easily). Other infiltrators are normal.
Infiltration researches for races have now been 'simplified,' in that there is only one infiltration research (if one is present) that triggers all 'infiltrators-to-be' to have infiltration enabled.

Things that can infiltrate are as follows:

Chaos: Tainted auspex; Cultists (with infiltration research); Chaos space marines (with infiltration research);

Eldar: Rangers (with infiltration research); Webway gates (with shroud);

Imperial guard: Assasain;

Orks: Gretchin builders; Grotz gangz; Tankbustaz (all with infiltration research);

Necrons: (Veil of Darkness research);

Space Marines: Scouts (with infiltration research); Veterans (with infiltration research); Skull probes;

Tau: Stealth suits; snare traps.

General: Mine fields.


Detection radius for most things has been decreased, making infiltrating units even more dangerous than before. Of course, every race still has some way of detecting infiltrated units. The units that can detect infiltrated things in TTRU are as follows:

Chaos (space marines): Sorcerer; Possessed Space Marines; Chaos lord (tainted auspex, which I might decide to remove);

Eldar: Warlocks (in all varieties); Farseer;

Imperial guard: Headquarters (long-range scanner); Psykers;

Necrons: Builder Scarabs; Tomb spyders; Necron Lord (with solar pulse);

Orks: Big Mek; Grot tanks;

Space Marines: Librarian; Skull Probe; Damocles command vehicle (best detector unit in the game);

Tau: Vespid auxillary; Pathfinders.

General: Listening posts; Head-quarters buildings (apart from the Necron monolith HQ); Strategic points & relics (short); Critical locations.

As of such, there's a bit of variety in how well a race can detect infiltrated units. However, every race can cope in some way or form.

Special Weapon rules:

Whilst most of these 'special attributes' for certain weapons don't actually exist in the Tabletop game, they've been applied to either make them more useful in compromise to a bad attribute they have, or as a way of representing a special rule they have in Tabletop. Here's a list in general for such weapons:

Flamer weaponry - Remove the charging modifiers of ANYTHING they attack. This has been introduced because flamers usually start firing at their opponent when in charging range, so this makes charging units take full damage from ranged combat whilst charging into melee);
Inferno cannons - reduce the accuracy & stunt the morale regeneration of whatever they shoot at, to account for their fall-back effect in tabletop (making inferno cannons deal large morale damage in TTRU makes these weapons horribly imbalanced). This trait is cumulative on the entity it is fired at;
Sniper, Tau pulse carbines & indirect ordnance/barrage weapons - do lots of morale damage & may slow down the entire squad that is shot at, depending on the weapon. This doesn't effect vehicles & monsterous creatures however, & is non-cumulative;
Ranger Long rifles - have a small chance of significantly dealing a huge amount of damage to heavily-armoured targets & monsterous creatures (can't be applied to Scouts unfortunately);
Possessed marines melee - variable traits depending on what triggers are activated (by chance) when built, to represent their random traits in tabletop;
Prism Cannons, Hammerhead railguns & Ork Kannons - have variable firing modes to deal splash damage to infantry or focussed damage to vehicles, depending on the target (represents firing modes in tabletop);
Shuriken cannons - slightly slow down the attacked squad for a short period of time (it's not in tabletop, but it makes them more useful than scatter lasers in one particular way), cumulative effect;
Force Weapons - can severely reduce the armour effectiveness of whatever is attacked. Best used against Daemons;
Daemon hammers - Increase the set-up time of all daemons for 6 seconds, cumulative.

Promythyus' Research comment:

Research is also essential to making Tier 1 units still useful in later Tiers, by reasearching upgrades to Armour, Health and Weapons Damages given to and dealt by your units, if you tech, but do not research properly, this will probably lead to your defeat. Also knowing how to choose the right upgrades, ignoring less useful researches for later, when you have cash to Spend, is Very Important!

An Example of this is the Space Marine Armoury's Scout Infiltration Research. If you are not going to use scouts for this purpose, this is a pointless research, and a waste of one. Also, try to find good combinations of upgrades, such as with space marines: Heavy Weapons & Target Finders go well together, as they increase the number of weapons you can have, and increases the Accuracy, & therefore Damage the Squads can do.


There isn't really a lot more graphical content to post (at least, not new stuff, though there's still a huge amount of content in the mod unrivalled by any other), but there still is some.

For a start, there's the Eldar Skimmer upgrades. Notice the shuriken cannon upgrades on all the vehicles in this screenshot, as well as a different weapon arrangement for the Falcon:

I've also decided to throw in a couple of screenshots for the Pylon. Enjoy!

(ignore the caption on the second one, it's old news now).

By the way, if you want to see a few more screens of anything in the mod (I'm only putting up a few though as I ain't got a lot of time for screenshots), I might be able to get you some new ones (otherwise old ones).


Want more information?

Visit us at either of our 'sites of operation:'


By Zany Reaper & Promythyus

Good luck in the final stages guys!

Killa cool

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          Previous News Post 10-14-2007 @ 10:20 - Legacy of Mappers - Map Pack 3 - Coming Soon!

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